Every Business Has A Story to Be Told

Every full-service research company designs studies, collects data, performs analysis and reports the results. What really differentiates a "suitable" research vendor from an exceptional research partner is the people you work with to solve your business problems.

Maritz Research goes well beyond the nuts and bolts of marketing research to help you improve your business with our greatest asset: our people. Sure, we have a wide range of approaches to solving your particular marketing research needs, and we’re particularly proud of our technologies, processes, and systems. But the one thing that sets us apart from the multitude of other providers is the dedication, expertise and skill of the many people who make your business improvement their business.

We have 700 full time marketing research consultants working every day, worldwide. We match our clients with a customer solution for their specific needs. We focus not only on the immediate measurement needs of our clients, but also include a strong emphasis on enabling our clients to continuously improve their performance. We help translate the complex into insightful, actionable and understandable business solutions. As an industry leader, Maritz has developed a wide array of innovative approaches to our research because of the multiple, complex challenges of today's competitive business environment.

Maritz Research works with many of the world's largest companies to help them discern what’s preventing truly outstanding customer experiences, identify the root causes of problems, and empowering your front-line employees to solve these problems and drive improvements – right to your bottom line. This is in our DNA. Unlike other providers, we’re part of Maritz Inc., a company that’s been dedicated to understanding, enabling and motivating people for over 100 years. And, the Maritz name is accompanied by our brand promise with every engagement – The Science and Art of People and Potential ™.

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  • Meet Our People

    As a leader in the research industry, we have many of the best and the brightest marketing research consultants ready to help you solve your company's business challenges. See how they can help you accomplish you objectives in your specific industry.

  • Global Capabilities

    We have full-service research capabilities across the globe through our international office locations and relationships with other fieldwork offices in all major markets.

  • Careers

    Our dedication to empowering and motivating bright, talented people extends well beyond our clients. We are passionate about finding and hiring people of the highest caliber and placing them in a well-respected, award-winning environment so each person can achieve his or her goals.

  • Press

    Learn more about the latest news, research industry events and read topical publications written by leading experts at Maritz. Find out about some the latest insights in your particular industry.