Data Collection

The proper collection of data can be complex and challenging. If you need marketing research that can be customized and is scalable, Maritz Research has your solution. We have one of the largest data collection networks around the world. We can collect the information you need through phone, online, mobile devices, and using regular mail.

We conduct a remarkable 6.3 million interviews each year through six North American phone centers with 700 interviewing stations.  We execute over 3,500 data collection projects annually, worldwide.


  • Telephone

    We own and operate survey centers across North America and Europe. In addition, we have strategic partnerships with phone centers around the globe. Our WEBCATI survey center system links all of these centers to the same data collection network, providing global reach, a seamlessly integrated solution, and the highest quality telephone data collection possible.

  • Online

    We leverage the very latest technology to offer you online surveys that meet only the highest standards. Maritz is dedicated to making sure your survey is delivered to the right respondents at the right time. We’re also committed to matching your needs with the best online panels for their requirements. This ensures best-in-class sample sourcing without compromise.

  • Mobile

    Maritz is passionate about reaching respondents where and when they want to be contacted. If a target audience is on the go, we’re prepared to send surveys to mobile devices when it is the best vehicle to meet your objectives. Our approach to rendering surveys for mobile devices is referred to as mobile in mind design. Ted Saunders recently gave a presentation outlining a study we did on unintentional mobile respondents. See the deck. Read about the impact of mobile marketing research and hear what Gloria Park Bartolone has to say about the pace of its growth in an article published in ESOMAR’s Research World Magazine. Click here for the story.

  • Mail

    Maritz Research provides you access to one of the biggest, most robust mail survey networks in the industry. We conduct 4.1 million mail surveys every year. Our central data collection center is unparalleled, with barcode-driven materials management and sophisticated survey storage technology for access and retention.

Mystery Shopping

With Maritz Virtual Customers, you can go further to make sure your customers are having the brand experience you intend. Is the service attentive, friendly, and knowledgeable? How are the product or service displays? These are just a few examples of what can be assessed. Then we deliver timely, actionable observation data.

We use the highest standards in the customer feedback management industry to recruit the best and most convincing professional mystery shoppers who will conduct a thorough audit. Maritz Research uses proprietary communications technologies to gather critical data from our shoppers and customize the interventions to suit your particular needs. Our field operations office has over 200 phone stations to provide immediate support for our shoppers as needed. Maritz conducts over 260,000 mystery shopping experiences a year.

crowsnest logo
Check out, CrowsNest™ our latest mystery shopping offering for the Financial Services market. CrowsNest™ provides an assessment of a financial institution’s regulatory compliance from the customer’s perspective. The monitoring service enables an institution to independently determine how well employees are following internal compliance guidelines while providing a better understanding of how their customers are responding to these guidelines in practice.

Social Media Monitoring

Analyzing and quickly taking advantage of social media and its real-time feedback is imperative in today’s fiercely competitive business environment. evolve24 can provide you a perfect blend of traditional and social media capabilities and solutions, helping your organization improve the customer experience and your bottom line.

• The Mirror
The Mirror is at the heart of evolve24’s state-of-the-art capabilities. It’s a social intelligence system that provides insightful, actionable information about what people are saying about your brand. The Mirror integrates information from millions of sources and empowers you to, among other things, help your organization understand and even shape relevant conversations in the social media sphere. We can help you strengthen your brand and increase revenue. Best of all, we customize this extraordinary tool to fit your company’s specific needs. evolve24.