How many times have you heard people in your company complain that the research they’ve been given to drive business results is completely unsuitable for action? The most intelligently-crafted, quality research is useful only as a door stop unless the process begins with the end-user of the work in mind. All of our programs consider who will be using the information, how they will be expected to use it and what kinds of information drive real, transformational change in your organization.

Reporting Portals

If your organization relies heavily upon units, branches, stores or properties to deliver your customer experience, then you also want the ability to deliver customer experience measurement information out to those front-line managers and employees.

Hot Alerts

We manage a large number of customer satisfaction feedback measurement programs that include our highly successful alert system. This extraordinary system is carefully designed to alert stakeholders to issues based on a pre-determined set of criteria and the unique needs of the client. This highly efficient process can be customized to deliver the “Hot Alerts” via flat file, fax, email, or Web reporting. This may include such issues as poor service ratings, unresolved issues, a sequence of responses indicating risk, and more.


Action Planning

Most organizations invest in measuring customer experience and satisfaction with an expectation that the insights will lead to various improvements and better customer experiences. Unfortunately, far too often, companies simply hand over customer feedback to managers with instructions to "use the results to take action." All too often, no action is taken and the anticipated improvements never materialize.

The Maritz Research Action Planning Process is a rigorous, systematic approach to action planning and implementation, developed from years of experience helping organizations improve the ROI of customer experience management and measurement. Our Action Planning Process is a 5-step program that aligns customer information with the right people with the right process to improve the client's customer experience, brand value, and revenue.