Customer Retention

'Til Death Do Us Part

Every brand wants to retain its customers for as long as possible. We've been helping companies with this very thing using our Multidimensional Loyalty Model™ (MLM). Our unique loyalty model looks at the behavioral and attitudinal drivers of loyalty and uses the latest thinking about loyalty and customer experience.

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A Financial Institution Elevates the Value of the Customer

A financial institution that provided credit card services to merchants was seeking to increase the number of consumers carrying its cards. Maritz helped the company move from transactional surveys to a more comprehensive assessment, shifting from internally focused thinking to a more customer-centric approach.

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What's the 4-1-1 on Loyalty?

Different environments require kinds of loyalty measurement in tools. Because there is no single "best" measure that works for every client in every industry, Maritz Research uses a combination of measurement systems. We uncover the answers to frequently asked questions on measuring loyalty.

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