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Demystify the Purchase Journey

The way individuals and organizations make purchases today has fundamentally changed. Information available about products continues to grow exponentially just as the technology innovation is improving buyers’ ability to access that information. The purchase journey is taking on more twists and turns in reaction to this information, as well as expanded awareness and access to alternatives. DecisionVue 360 is the only custom research analysis product to take the guesswork out of how customers purchase your product or service.

Where in the purchase decision is brand consideration growing? Declining? When during the process is brand consideration most vulnerable? What is causing a brand’s elimination from the consideration set? With DecisionVue360, you can answer these questions and more. While traditional solutions only tell marketers why a brand is selected in the end, DecisionVue 360 informs marketers why a brand is preferred through the decision process, as well as factors that cause it to be eliminated from consideration.

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The purchase funnel is outdated so how do consumers make purchase decisions?

The way consumers make decisions about which brands and products to buy has fundamentally changed. As technology continues to advance, Jeremy Griffiths explains there is no reason to believe this evolution will stop.
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Thinking about buying a tablet? Find out how DecisionVue360 tracked more than 1,300 consumers in the market for a iPad, Kindle Fire, Galaxy Tab or other tablet in the
Maritz Tablet Re-Contact Study.

Migration Analysis

Shows how choices shift throughout the decision journey. We use a Cohort Approach that ensures sufficient sample to pinpoint where consumers are in their purchase decision journey and understand what is happening at that stage. At each phase we identify the Channel Influence specific to each process stage.

Brand Rejection Analysis

We have developed a proprietary approach that analyzes what is causing brands to be eliminated from consideration. This analysis uses advanced statistical techniques to isolate the factor or factors that cause a brand to be unacceptable.

True Drivers Analysis

Our approach to understanding drivers of choice uses traditional approaches that assume consumer willingness to make feature tradeoffs to get an acceptable feature combination. We use other approaches that also take into account must-have features that consumers are not willing to compromise on. The result is a better model of the way decisions are actually made.

Prescriptive Results

When combined, these analyses enable you to pinpoint customer segments of opportunity based on how they buy. We then provide detail on what messages to deliver, when to deliver them and how they should be delivered.