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It’s difficult to develop a guest experience measurement system that will provide strategic guidance on how your company and brand can truly gain an advantage over the competition. You need carefully designed customer satisfaction research that provides insights and actionable recommendations leading to increased brand loyalty and revenue. Among other things, your research company must offer excellent guidance regarding the latest trends, new products to consider, and an informative reporting site that’s easy to use.

There are many reasons why the Maritz Research Hospitality Research Group is a distinguished leader in this field. We use our proprietary research and reporting tools to serve over 25 of the most widely respected brands in the industry, including major hotel and casino operators, various airlines, leading rental car companies, and European passenger train operators. We have carefully integrated our sector and research expertise with the best practices used by over 80 dedicated HRG marketing research consultants in Chicago, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Washington DC, and Marlow, England working in sub-sectors such as Gaming, Travel Services, Casinos, Airlines, and Trains.

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Sharon Alberg

As Director of Marketing Sciences for the Hospitality and Integrated sectors, I am the chief methodologist for research projects and I lead a team of Marketing Scientists. My role includes research design, statistical analysis, training, and application development of new statistical techniques.

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To Invest or Not to Invest? Determining the ROI of Hotel Enhancements

A topic of discussion among hoteliers is the extent they should be investing in wholesale upgrades to their properties on the heels of the Great Recession. While the economic picture seems to be improving, strictly enforcing property upgrades, renovations, or enhancements, particularly for franchised, or non-corporately owned properties, is still difficult to sell in many cases.

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Segmentation Can Help Put Your Brand in a Class by Itself -
A Hospitality Study

By implementing a market segmentation study, Maritz Research helped a hospitality client better define its brand. The client had been operating without a clear strategy for its primary brand; the company knew how advertising dollars were being spent but not how that translated into brand awareness or revenue. Following brand and advertising awareness surveys, a new strategic plan was written that the company is still following today.

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Hospitality News: Hotel Guest Satisfaction: Do you understand who loves what and why?

Examining gender, age and income differences

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