Technology & Telecommunications Industry Expertise

It’s an industry where innovation and international market dynamics continue to change rapidly. Customer loyalty and the  business models fluctuate too. There is a pressing need to use custom marketing research and also respond to customer satisfaction tracking worldwide. Your organization must cope with the complexity of the marketplace and better understand the path to a purchase decision. This requires the ability to analyze consumer-generated media and social media as well as optimize your assets, your brand strategy, and more.

Our international team understands the industry’s critical and complicated challenges. We deal with them every day. Maritz Research has the depth and breadth of knowledge necessary to design marketing studies, gain insight, and recommend actionable business solutions to address your particular needs. We use a brand story telling process and unique tools like the Backwards Research Process (BRP) as well as other innovative techniques to help your brand stay a step ahead. We work in many sub-sectors including Computer Manufacturers and Peripheral Products as well as Smart Phone Manufacturers, Service Providers, Software Developers, and Process Manufacturers.

Meet Our Technology & Telecommunications Industry Experts

Michael Allenson

I work with clients to understand their research and business needs, allowing Maritz to design research programs that help clients achieve their business objectives. I also work closely with the Maritz research teams to identify critical insights and present them in an effective way that clients can understand and implement to have a positive impact on their business.

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