Mystery Shopping and Auditing Services

A successful mystery shop program should include skilled design, easy administration, advanced technology, first rate shoppers, employee coaching, and most importantly an ally that will assist you in meeting your business objectives. Maritz Research implements just such a program.

Program Flexibility.

Human Driven, Technology Propelled

Maritz’ approach to recruiting and deploying shoppers ensures the success of our mystery shop programs. To achieve recruitment success, we combine two communication tools, the first through the Internet (high tech) and the second through our telephone (high touch) system. Maritz’ field operations office has over 200 telephone stations for supporting our shopper network nationwide. This combination allows our shoppers access to quick answers and assures on time quality observations – providing reliable and actionable mystery shopping observational data.


Actionable Reporting. Actionable Insight. In-Depth Analysis.

Maritz’ sector alignment enables us to specifically focus on the research needs of your particular industry, including Automotive, Financial Services, Hospitality & Restaurant, Retail, Retail Petroleum and Technology/Telcom. We integrate our dedicated sector teams with the resources from Maritz’ Virtual Customers Group to provide mystery shop solutions that not only reflect best-in-the industry approaches, but that are also tailored to the specific needs of your business. A renowned team of industry research experts ensure the collected data undergoes thorough analysis to ensure accurate reporting and actionable insight.


ISO 20252 quality certification. The highest in the industry.

We take pride in the quality of our work. Maritz developed its own Quality Management System (QMS) and was one of the first Market Research firms to become ISO 9001 registered in the U.S. In June 2010, Maritz was approved for registration to the ISO 20252:2006 Market, Opinion and Social Research Standard. Our QMS provides clear processes that ensure projects are executed as planned and any issues that arise are immediately addressed with clients. The result? Shopper programs are executed with the highest quality.

Industry Knowledge

Automotive. Financial. Retail. C-Store / Petroleum. Telecom. QSR and Casual Dining.

Maritz Research has provided mystery shopping services to over 50 different clients over the past five years. Our industry knowledge spans shipping, retail petroleum, restaurant, banking/financial, automotive telecommunications, travel, hospitality, hi-tech, and package goods industries. Maritz has conducted mystery shopping work for a number of Fortune 500 clients – 9 companies in the Fortune 50 and 29 in the Fortune 500.


Customer Experience Surveys. Evaluations. Audits. Merchandising. Digital images and more.

Maritz Research is one of the world’s leading, full-service customer experience measurement organizations. We have over 30 years of mystery shopping experience and have provided secret-shopping/auditing services to over 50 different clients over the past 5 years. Over the past 5 years Maritz has conducted over a million mystery shops/audits that included capturing over 10 million digital images. Shop results are communicated through custom built web reporting sites that present the data in simple, easy to use, and meaningful ways. To ensure actionability, Maritz created a ‘data story’ to lead data users through the process of understanding their results and providing them with a web process for taking action.

For more information contact: Nicholas Mercurio, Strategic Consulting Director, Virtual Customer Research Group, Maritz Research at or 636.827.1422.

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