Branding & Messaging

Build a brand. Build a bond.

Your company’s brand is one of your greatest assets. To grow your brand, it is critical to understand how people perceive it. What are the defining attributes that make your brand different? What does your brand truly mean to your target audiences, and how does it stack up against the competition? 

Maritz Research will help you and your company gain an accurate sense of how people perceive your brand as well as how to strengthen its value, point of difference, and messaging. We can help track and measure customer brand loyalty, perceptions, and choice drivers.

We can also assess how customers feel about your competition. Then you can make informed decisions on how to influence and strengthen your brand. Take a closer look at three types of research, Message Optimization, Brand Image and Positioning, Attitude and Usage, that can provide insight into how to build your company’s brand.

Message Optimization

Your brand messaging sustains awareness and is crucial to how your organization’s brand evolves and increases in value. Maritz Research will help you create and prioritize your messaging strategies. Through message optimization, we will identify what your target audience finds to be the most compelling elements and create a clear, motivating communication strategy to help differentiate your brand or products. Learn how we can help your customers hear your message.

Brand Image and Positioning

Brand image and positioning is critical to the success of your company’s brand. The marketplace changes rapidly. Whether it is a new product introduction by the competition or a change in your customer base, you have to continue to differentiate your brand. We’ll help you make sure your brand is in the best position possible. We will shed light on how many people are aware of your brand, what they believe about it, and how familiar they are with it. See how we help others understand their positions in the marketplace.

Attitude and Usage

Maritz can help your company get an assessment of your target audience’s attitude toward your brand. We can give you a clear, realistic view of the choice drivers and what impacts a customer’s decision to buy your product or the competition’s product. We’ll provide a variety of insights regarding perception, loyalty, and the most important attitude criteria used to make a purchase decision.

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Brand Equity Often Translates into Brand Choice

Decades of experience has allowed Maritz Research to develop a more holistic approach to evaluating brand equity. This comprehensive Maritz Research Brand Audit case history of the women's specialty retail clothing market demonstrates how Maritz uses emotional and personality factors on an equal footing with rational factors to understand consumer brand choice.

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