Customer Experience Measurement

What Are Your Customers Saying About You?

Companies are eager to find solutions that will help them better understand their customers' experiences and improve them. They are looking for answers to the fundamental questions— How can we gain a better understanding of our customers' needs and frustrations? How can we not only solve the problems but tie the solutions to improved revenue and profits?

Maritz Research leads the industry when it comes to all facets of customer experience research including actionable insights, the latest best practices, emerging technologies, and more. It's what we do every day. We work closely with many of the world's largest organizations. Some of the approaches our clients use most include the following.

Transactional Customer Experience

We assess the experience customers have with our client, providing insight into operational, service, and performance improvements.

Relational Customer Experience

We evaluate the overall perceptions customers have of a brand based on all experiences the customer has had over a period of time. This approach provides clarity around the ways in which customers use products and services as well as what drives their overall satisfaction with the brand.

Customer Loyalty and Retention

We view loyalty as a multifaceted construct made up of interrelated attitudes and behaviors. We use a variety of approaches to uncover, understand and leverage customer loyalty. Our proven approaches include Multidimensional Loyalty Modeling, Competitive Loyalty Modeling and Lost Customer Research.

Research Design and Consulting

Maritz Research has an extensive array of options for creating customized research to help your company accurately assess your particular situation and discover insightful solutions. Our Customer Experience Measurement experts are available for consulting to assist with assessing customer experience programs, blueprinting, action planning, and leveraging the voice of the customer.


Find out how you stack up to your competitors on key customer experience measures, within and outside your own industry with CEBenchmarks, Maritz Research's syndicated benchmark study. With CEBenchmarks, data is collected on a continuous basis and reported quarterly, with information on over 30 industry categories.

Learn how your company compares to your competitors with CEBenchmarks.

Maritz CE – 3D Framework™

Maritz Research makes ongoing investments in developing next-generation tools for Customer Experience Measurement. The CE-3D Framework™ is our vision for how companies can better align customer experience management programs with the needs of the “three dimensions” of customer experience: customers, your internal researchers and your front-line employees and managers.

Start the evolution with the CE-3D Framework

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