Maritz Research Holiday Tablet Poll Re-contact Study

Thinking about buying a tablet?

Maritz Research polled more than 1,300 consumers who were in the market for either an iPad, Kindle Fire, Galaxy Tab or other tablet. The Maritz Research Holiday Tablet Poll Re-contact Study sheds light on who is buying them and why.

Key Findings:

  • Tablet market growth continues at a fast pace.
  • Tablets are having a significant impact on future purchases plans for personal computers.
  • More than one in five tablet buyers say that if they had to start from scratch with no technology they would buy a tablet before buying a PC.

Download the news release on puchase behavior.

Download the news release on satisfaction.

The study was done using DecisionVue 360™, the only custom research analysis product to take the guesswork out of how customers purchase a product or service, or move on to a competitor. The study reveals: how tablets are having an impact on other device purchases; and how households are making use of multiple tablets rather than replacing the ones they already own – demonstrating expanded tablet usage in the household.