Blogger Bio: Chris Travell



BBM, Ryerson University

MBA, McMaster University

Graduate Scholarship, International Studies and Training, Tokyo Japan

Business: MaritzCX

Position: Vice President, Strategic Consulting

Sector: Automotive

Years at Maritz: 1996 – Present


Formula 1, Traveling, New York City, Winston Churchill, Golden Retrievers, Distance Running, Photography, Magic and Illusion with Particular Emphasis on Close-up Magic


What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on coordinating efforts amongst our global offices to understand and interpret more fully the important trends facing automakers in North America, Europe, and Asia –Pacific.


What were you doing prior to joining MaritzCX?

Prior to joining Maritz I worked on the manufacturer side, holding various positions with Mazda and Toyota. At Mazda I looked after the vehicle distribution area and with Toyota I worked in the market representation department which involved locating new dealers and upgrading existing ones.

At the same time I taught Marketing at Ryerson University for six years. Previous to this I paid my way through school doing magic shows for anyone who would watch with my claim to fame being that I opened on several occasions for an up and coming young impressionist by the name of Jim Carrey. He was better than me.


What do you like about working at MaritzCX

I know this sounds cliché, but it’s the people. Behind the scenes, they are genuinely nice to work with and have consistently shown support for any interesting and innovative ideas that my colleagues come up with.


Chris’ Areas of Expertise Include:

· Understanding and interpretation of the consumer behaviour side of the automotive business

· Future trends affecting the industry

· Speaking engagements and presentations at both internal company meetings as well as external industry events

· Application of research findings to help manufacturers determine potential areas of opportunity to sell more cars and increase market share