How to Market Electric Cars in the U.S.

By: Chris Travell

I had a chance to speak at the National Academies of Science about electric cars.   The committee I was presenting for is charged with developing a strategy to encourage the use of electric vehicles in the US.   One of the first steps is to understand who these customers are, where are they coming from, and how has their consideration of electric vehicles changed over time.

Here’s some of what I presented.  More next week.

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PS.   And yes, that is the Washington Monument in the background undergoing renovations because of the 2011 earthquake.

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  • Christi August 28th, 2013 3:16 pm

    I’m a hybrid driver, mostly because I drive 35 miles to work (one way). Electric vehicles just don’t have the range and the infrastructure to even put them within reach for commuters. I’m also extremely sensitive to my electric bill, so having all-electric wasn’t attractive at all from a financial perspective.

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